Ölvnir "The Ogre"

Miguel iglesias spacepirate11 concasco artstation
Miguel iglesias spacepirate11 sincasco artstation

Digital Art Painting [Time Lapse]-Character Concept Art Design-14-SpacePirate "Ogre"

Continuing with my "Character a day" challenge, here is character visually inspired by the Star Wars universe.

This is a personal challenge where I have to create a new character from scratch and without any previous preparation in one single day( 8 hours). The aim of this challenge is to train my mental and creative agility and my hand by creating this character under these limitations and finishing them to a certain level of polish.

I also made a short story you can check on my Facebook page:
A small teaser of it:
Ölvnir, also known as “The Ogre” is a very dangerous and vicious pirate captain that has been terrorizing the frontier of civilized space for a long time and has one of the highest bounties on his head across all systems.

His nickname comes from the fact that sooner or later he ends up eating anybody that stay for too long around him, enemy or ally alike...